Engage Sonoma Valley residents in building a resilient and more inclusive community through community-civic activities that strengthen communications and connections between the Latino and non-Latino community.

Due to COVID-19 and to protect you and our staff, we are moving our classes and community events to a virtual setting. For more information and update opportunities you can join us on Facebook, call (707) 938- 5131 or email (respective manager). 



La Luz brings special events and vibrant cultural activities to Sonoma Valley. These events promote cross-cultural awareness and are enjoyed by all.


• Annual Holiday Events:  Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, La Posada

• Workshops and Classes for youths and adults

• Special cultural events, forums, speakers series

Performances, dance, exhibits and concerts

• Collaborative program partnerships and event sponsorships


La Luz creates and promotes, free of charge or low-cost cultural events, forums and workshops to connect and strengthen the Sonoma Valley community. These activities highlight and reinforce our unique sense of place, our heritage and our shared experiences.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.


La Luz provides an open and vibrant space that is an all-community gathering hub for learning, cultural events, community services and celebrations.


Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for:

            • Cultural events, holidays or special occasions

            • Public meetings

            • Forums and speakers series

            • Training: Workshops and classes

            • Group Meetings and Volunteer activities

            • Community Meals

            • Relief services during emergencies and community crisis


At the La Luz Arts and Cultures Center, the La Luz staff offers an array of community events and activities and a space where community partners or other organizations can come together for trainings, meetings and events. La Luz Arts and Cultures Center offers local residents an opportunity to host activities or convene existing or start up programs in welcoming, inclusive indoor/outdoor spaces in the Springs.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.



The La Luz Center Scholarship program seeks to advance education and career opportunities of Sonoma Valley students by providing financial assistance for higher education. These scholarships are presented at the annual Sonoma Valley High School Awards ceremony in May.

Through partnerships with local organizations and the support of individual community members, La Luz facilitates scholarship opportunities that enable local youth to attend summer camps and to participate in competitive sports.


• Recognition and reward for Academic excellence

• Recognition and reward for Community Service

• Advancement of opportunities

Performance, dance, exhibits and concerts

• Exposure to new experiences and the broader community


La Luz Center is committed to the growth and educational success of today's local youth. The high school scholarship program supports and encourages talented and engaged students to pursue their academic passions and continue to make meaningful contributions to their community. Enabling younger students to participate in a special summer camp or to play on a sports team helps them gain new skills and exposure to empowering experiences that broaden their horizons.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.



Providing leadership development for Latino leaders

Each year, La Luz conducts a six-seven month leadership program for emerging Latino Leaders. Fifteen applicants are selected for each class.  The program is conducted by leadership training professionals and provides a proven and highly relevant approach to leadership development.

"The Latino Leadership Program has given me the courage and confidence to renew my passion for teaching and help the community at the same time"

Cristina Ruiz

Latino Leadership Program Graduate

Click here to watch the video


• One courses/year; 15 students in each course

• Full day workshop and 6 monthly interactive classes with presentations and discussions

• Course material & workbook from “The Leadership Challenge”

• Presentations and discussion with community leaders

• One-one mentorship

• Project work to reinforce the leadership study

• Peer support and teamwork

• Graduation with certificate of accomplishment


The Latino Leadership program enables emerging Sonoma Valley leaders to come together to further develop their leadership skills and learn more about leadership opportunities to contribute to the Sonoma Valley community.  Following program completion, many graduates have advanced in their careers and/or become members of Sonoma Valley non profit boards. The underlying goal is to bridge the Latino community into the larger community

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.

The first class of graduates and their projects

Jose (Tony) Alvarez: Project around financial literacy with La Luz Center

Elizabeth Campos: Project with the Sonoma Valley Educational Foundation on reaching out to the Latino community. 

Tony Fernandez: Ecology Center leading hikes/tours in Spanish

Jorge Gillermo: La Luz Center computer literacy classes

Rammie Hencmann: Work with DACA student on a community project 

Nick Mendelson: Board member of La Luz Center

Dayanne Mendoza: 20/30 Club in Santa Rosa

Cristina Ruiz: Sonoma Valley Museum teaching art

Lucy Rodriguez: Sonoma Valley Hospital learning about hospital governance

Angie Sanchez: Board member of Sonoma County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Sandy Sanchez: Board member of Sonoma Overnight Support



Helping Sonoma Valley families with Immigration issues

La Luz Center provides immigration information and assistance to Latino families in Sonoma Valley, especially relevant during this time of change and uncertainty surrounding immigration policy.  With enormous community support for those who live in the Springs, La Luz has expanded the outreach and support to many who now have family members in need of assistance.

"With the help of La Luz Center I have became citizen of the United States"

Francisco Lopez

La Luz Center Client


• Citizenship Classes* to help prepare eligible residents for their citizenship examination

• DACA and citizenship Information and legal referrals

• “Know Your Rights” workshops to inform residents of the laws their rights  when facing

   immigration authorities

"Employer and Employee Rights Forums" that increase awareness and inform Employers

   and Employees of current immigration policy and workplace rights

• Rapid Response Hotline

• Legal Counsel—see “Legal Services” in Family Services website section

• Community Outreach: Classes, speakers and timely updates on immigration issues


La Luz is located in the Springs with a large Latino population and families that may have one or more family members in need of support with immigration issues. La Luz provides information and resources that are now particularly important as fear of the unknown impacts mental health and overall well being. Understanding policies, one’s rights and how to access resources for assistance helps keep all community members safe and empowered with accurate information.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.


Legal Consultation:  La Luz teams up with the International Institute of the Bay Area (IIba) to create direct referrals IIBA legal counsel office at La Luz Center.  The IIBA attorney, Lucy Benz-Rogers,  provides legal consultation services, assistance with citizenship applications, DACA renewals and current DACA information to our clients and community.  Contact her by email or phone. ​



La Luz Community Outreach activities help residents become aware of events, programs and civic issues so they can participate and their voice can be heard.


• Information: Immigration updates, classes and support

• Participation:  Community cultural events

• Education: Classes, workshops and speaker’s series

            • Be counted - 2020 census

            • Get out the vote:  2020 election

• Services:  Health, Immigration, Mental Health, Emergency aid

• Opportunities:  Jobs, Scholarships, Volunteering, Donating


LLa Luz Center Community Outreach campaigns inform residents about programs that are available and services that are accessible through La Luz Center and community partners.  Active participation in community events and awareness of civic issues promotes a well informed, resilient and cohesive community.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Community Outreach Coordinator or by calling La Luz Center.


Censotería is a modern twist on the traditional Mexican game of Lotería. Angie Sanchez, Community Engagement Manger grew up playing Lotería with her family. The fond memories of the original game bringing community together, inspired her to create Censotería as an educational tool to raise awareness about the importance of the 2020 Census & presidential election.


This project was made possible with support from the Latino Community Foundation’s Just Recovery efforts in Northern California and the Design Action Collective. The Just Recovery Partnership is made up of 10 Latino-led nonprofits who are using healing, culture and arts to inspire civic engagement.

For more information, contact:

Yatziry Galvan, Outreach Specialist by calling La Luz Center.


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