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My name is María Edith Rodríguez,


I would like to thank you deeply for all that you have done for my family.


My three children are all American citizens. We immigrated here to give them a better future, and we have worked very hard to give them the life and education they need. All three of them are outstanding students.


My husband and I support our family by making and selling tamales and burritos.  Because of the shelter-in-place order, our customers lost their jobs, and we had no income for over 40 days. This has had a great impact on our family, but thanks to your generous support, we have been able to survive. I will also never forget how much you helped us during the fires of 2017.  


Your love and support have been a tremendous blessing for us. From the depths of our hearts, we wish you and your families good fortune, health, and joy in the coming days.   


The Hernandez Family:

María, Roberto, Roberto Jr (13 years old), Daniel (6) and Pablo (4) 


*Translated from Spanish