Vineyard Worker Services

Vineyard Worker Services

Vineyard Worker Services includes:

  • Resource Center
  • Emergency Assistance
  • One-On-One Support
  • Health & Social Services
  • Support Groups

Vineyard Worker Services (VWS) is a comprehensive program designed to meet the specific needs of the many vineyard workers in the Sonoma Valley. As this population is often isolated on ranches, a major component of VWS involves taking our core programs from our office to the vineyards. We bring information to the vineyard workers on their lunch breaks, and work with vineyard management companies to disseminate important resources. We offer these workers the same benefits as the clients who come to our office: benefits enrollment, information and referral, and emergency assistance.

One of the major initiatives taken on by Vineyard Worker Services is the annual temporary migrant worker housing project. Each year, seasonal migrant workers from different parts of California come to Sonoma for the grape harvest. Without La Luz Center’s housing facility, these workers would be homeless for the duration of the harvest.

  • Vineyard Worker Services involves taking our core programs from our office to the vineyards.
  • Support La Luz's effort:

Recently, we have developed a Vineyard Worker Advisory Council, comprised of representative workers from the major vineyards and management companies. This group serves as a coalition that addresses the issues faced at each location and attempts to create bonds between the workers.

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