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Andy Radolf is Honored as La Luz’s Star Volunteer!

Andy Radolf, a valued volunteer who for two years has devoted his time and energy to La Luz, was recently honored as our Star Volunteer by the Sonoma Valley Fund. 

Andy always goes the extra mile to move us forward into our community.

Andy previously worked for UNESCO in Central America.  When he retired and moved to Sonoma, he immediately put his professional skills to work for us. 

He has been a vital player in our Business Micro-Lending Program, whose goal is to help people start or improve their small business. Andy’s connection to Latino business owners in our community allowed him to recruit participants for a focus group, which has evolved into this valuable new program.

Andy was a driving force behind La Luz’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, visiting many Latino owned businesses in the Springs area along Highway 12 to secure food and drink so we could offer free refreshments for the event.

Congratulations, and thank you, Andy!



Felipa and Julian Puente are La Luz's Volunteers of the Year!

¡Felicidades a Felipa y Julian Puente, nuestros Voluntarios del Año!


Congratulations to Felipa and Julian Puente, our Volunteers of the Year!  This award goes to the volunteer (or, in this case, volunteers) who show outstanding commitment to La Luz Center.  Fely and Julian came to La Luz last summer and have been indispensable volunteers ever since.  Both have worked at our front desk, directing clients and answering phones.  Julian and Fely have also both filled in for us as the childcare provider when our staff member was out sick (the kids love them!).

Julian has helped with various projects around the office, lending us his expertise in construction and other areas.  Julian was also a volunteer for La Luz as we participated in the Sonoma Valley Homeless Count, where he got up early in the mornings to count and survey the Valley's homeless.

Fely has become a real leader in the La Luz community.  She is a member of Poder Popular (a grassroots nonprofit that surveys the health needs of the community) and the Sonoma Valley chapter of Líderes Campesinas (a state-wide organization that raises awareness of the issues faced by female farmworkers and residents of rural areas).  Moreover, Fely was trained in the Adults and Children Together (ACT) Against Violence curriculum, and now volunteers as the teacher of the ACT class at La Luz Center.

Besides all of these amazing contributions to La Luz, both Felipa and Julian bring smiles to the faces of everyone they come into contact with.  Greeting the staff with a hug, sharing baked goods, and emitting a wonderfully positive attitude, they are such an asset to our team.  We couldn't imagine an office without them.

¡Gracias, Julian y Fely, por todo lo que hacen para nosotros y nuestra comunidad!

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