Family Services

Family Services

Family Services includes:

  • Resource Center
  • Emergency Assistance
  • One-On-One Support
  • Health & Social Services
  • Support Groups

Our clients now require more than just urgent help with basic physical resources and, true to our mission, La Luz is responding in turn. Our augmented Family Services program, in which we aid individuals and families to overcome significant barriers while encouraging them to take both preventative and corrective action for themselves, emphasizes self-advocacy. Our family advocates address nearly all individualized problems. When clients come in with questions about how to deal with suspected discrimination at work, their medical coverage, emergency housing and food resources, or anything in between, we serve as an information and referral source.

This is the department where we provide personalized services. We can refer clients to specialists, whether legal or mental health professionals, depending on their individual issues. Family Services takes time, but the reward for this investment is evident. By working with families and individuals in many aspects of their life—work, family, health, and education—we can ensure the development and improvement of our clients’ lives.

  • Last year, we hosted more than 35,000 individuals at our site for our services and for those offered by partner organizations.
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While working with families, we often notice a need for emergency services, another aspect of Family Services. In addition to offering free healthcare and food distributions in collaboration with other organizations, La Luz offers enrollment assistance in benefits programs such as CalFresh, MediCal and Covered CA.

As part of Family Services, we also partner with outside organizations, such as Sonoma County Mental Health, to offer support groups and professional counseling. More than anything, our Family Services department is where clients can get one-on-one help for nearly any issue in their lives.

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