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“Language Buddies” on Thursdays

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La Luz has recently launched “Language Buddies,” an English-Spanish conversation group that meets every Thursday morning from 9 to 10 AM in La Luz Center’s Booker Hall.

Attendees speak English for the first half hour, then switch to Spanish for the second half hour. It’s a cross-cultural experience, an opportunity for English-speakers to encourage and support the many ESL students studying at La Luz Center, and a chance for those wanting to practice their Spanish to gets lots of “real world” experience.  The class even has participants from Nepal—practicing both English and Spanish!

“It’s a win-win morning,” says Alyson Therres, La Luz Center Volunteer Coordinator who participated in a similar group while she was teaching English in Costa Rica. “Our ESL students are so motivated to learn, and they need the opportunity to get comfortable with English by speaking.  At Language Buddies they feel it’s OK to make mistakes, and they enjoy helping each other. “

 Just four weeks in operation, Language Buddies has grown each week and now has over twenty participants.  “We are hoping to get more English-speakers to come practice their Spanish.  That makes a really fun dynamic in the group,” said Therres.