Sonoma Mothers Reach out to La Luz Mothers

"Mothers should help and support each other!" That was the reason given by the Sonoma Valley Mother's Club for their choice of La Luz as a primary benefactor of this year's charitable giving. La Luz was selected because of its emphasis on helping mothers and children in need. The mission of the Mother's Club is to create an atmosphere of support, education and socialization for mothers of young children and their families.

We are so grateful to this group of caring women. ¡Mil gracias a todas ustedes---y feliz navidad!"

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This is a good move. Kudos to the Sonoma Valley Mother's Club and to the team at La Luz.

Mothers and fathers do have to be the ones to help other parents. It is next to impossible to go through life without help from other people. Whether it is in our personal or our professional lives, a caring word, shared knowledge and timely aid can do a lot.

More organizations need to reach out and support each other, for the betterment of our society.

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