La Luz ESL Students are EMPOWERED!!


Forty-six students from three different English language classes held at La Luz Center and off site classes at El Verano School received certificates for having successfully completed the course and taking the competency Ventures test during Fall Semester 2012.

The emotional awards ceremony was attended by students, their spouses and children, community leaders, La Luz board members and volunteers, and major supporters representing the Todd Trust of the Community Foundation Sonoma County.

 It was truly a family-community celebration, and the graduates were energized, proud, and empowered.

Students were commended for having finished the semester and for taking the end of semester competency Ventures test, as well as a few students from each class with perfect or near-perfect attendance.  Many volunteers come every week—some come twice—for two hours, to practice conversation and provide individual help.

Why are so many students dedicated to attend these classes?  --To prepare for better jobs, to help their children with homework, to take a more active role in their community, to set an example for their families… 

 “The students were very happy, they were filled with pride,” said Maricarmen Reyes-Larios, who oversees the classes and knows every student by name. When developing the program, La Luz strived to make the classes easily accessible for students. The cost was just $25 for the semester.  During morning sessions, low cost childcare was provided to ensure students with kids could still attend class.

 The registration date for Spring Semester will be on January 8, 2013. For more information on class schedule and registration time please call 707-938-5131. 

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It's good that so many students made that investment in themselves. I don't think as many people have made the link between education and empowerment.

Some people see it as a waste of time. However later on, they realize that they are being held back because at some point, they didn't invest the effort needed to help themselves.

There are many different reasons why the students came to class and you pointed out some of them- helping their children, getting a better job. These are all good motivators.

Thank you Brian for such a motivating comment. We all must try to further our education, whether it be ESL, GED, Vocational Training, Associate, Bachelors, Master or Doctorate Degree or just learn a new hobbie or language!

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