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Thank you, Vintners and Growers!!

On behalf of our Vineyard Worker Services Program, we want to extend our warmest thank you to the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers for its generous $25,000 grant. This generosity makes it possible for us to provide the vineyard worker community with ongoing vitally needed services.  

VWS programs at La Luz will now focus on expanding and increasing onsite delivery-- taking information on financial literacy, affordable housing, family and parenting issues, and mental health directly to the vineyards.   

A new program La Luz is developing this season will specifically target interpersonal communication skills for both supervisors and workers on the job-site.  The goal is to promote productivity and avert workplace conflicts.  Training will also be extended to vineyard management companies, as they employ a large percentage of the local vineyard labor in Sonoma Valley, and share concerns about these issues with the Vintners and Growers community.”