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Computer Classes -- a Valuable Tool!

La Luz Center’s Computer Classes are offered in Spanish at the basic and intermediate level.

Due to high interest and popularity, an intermediate level was added in August 2011. 

Currently the basic level class runs on Tuesday-Thursday and the intermediate level class on Monday-Wednesday, both from 6:00pm-7:30pm on their given day.

The basic class leads students from desktop, word processing, digital pictures, internet, web search, browsing, and most importantly parental controls. On a second level the intermediate class introduces social networks and cloud computing, essential security and maintenance, as well as software installation.

“We have been lucky to have the most caring and high skilled computer instructor. Our Computer Program Instructor Daniel Pignataro is just an incredible human being and outstanding teacher” stated Maricarmen Reyes Coordinator of Educational Programs.

Daniel stated “One thing that I’ve learned from my teaching experience is the eagerness and motivation that students have. These classes are always popular, and people come for a variety of reasons:  basic computer skills, don’t have a computer at home, or just need advice on how to choose the much desired first computer. Many students are particularly excited to learn email and social networks such as facebook so they can communicate with their families in Mexico or other Latin American countries.”


After taking the computer classes at La Luz, Ignacio gained the skills and confidence he needed to start experimenting with video editing software. What started as a hobby, has now become part of his business filming weddings and other events. 


Having a middle-school child, a computer and internet connection is a formula that can present challenges to parents. Pola took the advanced computer class at La Luz and learned about computer parental controls, internet safety and social networks. These skills will help Pola better monitor Internet usage at home. 

For more information about the computer class or to sign up please contact La Luz Center at 707-938-5131.