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Seventeen years ago I came to the United States. I was born in La Union Guadeloupe in Jalisco, Mexico. When I first came I was so lonely and homesick and missed my family. I had never left my hometown before. I got married to my husband the day I came to the US. I always waited for him. We had been boyfriend and girlfriend for many years.

We lived in Southern California for 17 years, we had two children, and we all moved to Sonoma seven months ago. We had to move to Sonoma because we had no job and we lost our house. Everything just came down on us, and it was a very stressful time in our lives. I have seven brothers and sisters living in Sonoma and they helped us to move to Sonoma. Theypaid for the deposit on our apartment. My sisters and brothers knew about La Luz and told me I could get help. I went to La Luz. They helped me to pay the rent on our apartment and I was able to go to the food distribution at La Luz on Fridays. La Luz referred me to the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and epileptic seizures. The doctor said because I was so stressed, if I didn’t get mental health help, I would die. La Luz has provided free mental health care for me. I visit the psychologist at La Luz every Wednesday. Initially my blood sugar was 400-500 and my diabetes is now under control at 140-150. I take medicines and my health problems are now more normal.

My husband has been very depressed. He lost his job and wasn’t able to take care of his family. He spent months not wanting to talk. It was as if he wasn’t with us. I had to take care of everything. When he worked construction he would make $16.00 to $17.00 an hour and now he makes $13.00 an hour. At least we have money for rent and I’m not stressing every month wondering what are we going to do. We have more tranquility and calmness. I some- times cook food to sell to try to make up the deficit. He doesn’t have a full time job and doesn’t work a lot, but we at least can pay the rent. Without La Luz I don’t know where I’d be. 

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