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I was born in Tepatitlan, Mexico and have been in the United States for 25 years. My husband first came to the US when he was 17. He worked in the apple orchards in Sebastopol. He was coming and going from Mexico to the US and then he got his papers. It took five years for my daughter Maritza and me to get our papers. My husband would work in the US for three months each year and then would return to Mexico to be with us until our papers were ready. Our sons were born in the US.

When I first came to the US it was really good. Everything was clean and really spectacular and I loved the US. It was hard living here though, because everything was so expensive. We had a really hard time.

I first went to La Luz in 1989 because I needed help.My husband’s uncle told me about La Luz and that Miss Booker had things for babies. I went to see her and she gave me a crib for my baby. Early on we came to the Mobile Health Van. La Luz helped us so much when we first arrived.

I worked as a chef in a restaurant for 5 years. My boss was an American girl and she was a really good boss and paid me really well. The restaurant is now closed. I really like to cook and cook a lot for my family, all traditional Mexican food.

There were many years when we didn’t have a connection with La Luz because my husband was successful in work and we didn’t need assistance. Once we got our papers and he started his business and things were going well we lost touch. My husband said because we now have money let La Luz help people who really need it.

Maritza was going to Junior College and she decided to volunteer at La Luz, to give back. She started as a volunteer and now she is the receptionist at La Luz. She told me about the ESL classes at La Luz. I really love learning English and while I’m in class my 3 1/2 year old twins boys are in the daycare program. We are here two days a week for two hours each day and daycare is so good for my twin sons.

La Luz is really good and helps all people. Whatever the personality of the person, whether they are nice, picky or angry, people at La Luz are so nice and helpful all the time. Anyone who comes through the door is going to get some help and be treated nicely. 

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