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Our Migrant Worker Camp is Open!


It’s grape picking season, and our guest workers no longer have to sleep in their cars or creekside. 

Take a drive down Aguacaliente Road from Arnold Drive, and look left at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  You will see eight pristine blue temporary “houses” (AKA trailers) that La Luz provides every harvest season for our migrant workers.  There is also a mess hall, shower trailers, a laundry area and a meeting space for classes and lectures.

The 32 young men who live in the camp during harvest get up early, pick grapes, and then return to rest in the late afternoon.  The La Luz Brown Baggers provide breakfast and lunch for the men, and dinner twice a week. 

Many nights La Luz hosts English classes for the men, and lectures on health issues.  Together with St. Joseph’s Health System, medical and dental care—including teeth cleaning-- are provided.

“The cost to operate the camps --close to $35,000—is greatly offset by a grant from the Vadasz Family Foundation,” says Maricarmen Reyes-Larios, who coordinates the camps for La Luz.  “These men are a vital part of our Valley’ economy, and we are happy we can provide these services for them.” 

Photo by Robbi Pengelly/Sonoma Index tribune