La Luz Hosts First Líderes Campesinas Conference in Sonoma Valley!

Lideres5 On February 5, 2011, La Luz hosted the first ever conference of Líderes Campesinas in the Sonoma Valley, bringing together community members, organizers, and professionals to discuss the pressing issue of domestic violence.

Women from our community met with various organizations and agencies that address domestic violence in its many forms.  Representatives from the Sonoma County Sherriff’s Department, YWCA, Catholic Charities Immigration, and La Luz Center, as well as Dr. Joaquín Gallardo, were among the presenters.  This conference highlighted the importance of recognizing and combating the problem of domestic violence in farmworker communities.  Beyond disseminating information, however, the conference also provided resources and outlined possible solutions, empowering all attendees to apply what they learned to tangible strategies for change.

Líderes Campesinas is a statewide nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing leadership among female farmworkers (or campesinas), thus equipping them to serve as agents of political, social, and economic change in their communities.  In January of this year, La Luz and its Poder Popular program partnered with Líderes Campesinas to form the Sonoma Valley Chapter of the organization.  The formation of this chapter unites Sonoma Valley with the twelve other chapters across California in an effort to improve conditions for campesinas and their communities.

Promoting capacity building, democratic decision-making, advocacy, peer-training, and leadership development, Líderes Campesinas gives women the tools they need to make significant change in rural California.  The organization uses both traditional and innovative approaches to mobilization.  Líderes Campesinas employs strategies ranging from holding house meetings to spark and sustain grassroots campaigns to catalyzing change beginning with visual and performing arts as a means of political, social, and personal expression.

To learn more about Líderes Campesinas, or to view the programs offered by other chapters, please visit www.liderescampesinas.org.

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